Star light, star bright…

You don’t have to “IMAGINE”, because everything John said is true. Fact is, our conceptions of heaven and hell don’t come close. And yet, here we are to experience it all. Light and dark, day and night. Hot and cold, near and far. The microscopic virus, more powerful than the planet Jupiter?

OMG! Nailed to a cross?

Consider that the Universe is like a grist mill. It grinds our bones and our souls into SHINOLA. The obvious alternative metaphor being, well you know what I mean, STARDUST.

In the big picture what is the difference?  And yet, we suffer. That is the thing.

The Buddha told us to, “get over it”. The lord Jesus said, “I’ve got this, thanks DAD”.  The most recent incarnation just said, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

I hope you see where I am going with this. It makes no difference in the dominion of eternity. 

We suffer. We grow. Knowing not where all it goes. Surrender to the Universal absurdity, or it will drive you crazy. It will grind you into stardust.

Peace my brothers and sisters.